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Best selling author and business strategist Kelly Roach teaches you how to simplify your message, magnetize your market and convert cold prospects into high paying customers dozens at a time.

In The Live Launch Method, Kelly Roach lays out the launch strategy responsible for multimillion-dollar growth, for both her own international coaching company and for her clients across the globe.

In a world that is disconnected and transactional, this book teaches readers how to:
– Launch with scalable intimacy and intuition
– Build authority
– Engage prospects
– Convert hundreds of thousands in sales with simplicity, grace and ease


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"Kelly Roach’s Live Launch Method is a massive pattern interrupt that turns upside down everything you thought you knew about building your business online in the best possible way. A MUST read for anyone doing business online!” — Ali Brown, entrepreneur, Founder + CEO of The Trust network

“If you don't know Kelly, follow Kelly, and love learning from Kelly, it's time to start. Kelly's created a launch strategy that is not only simple and effective, but groundbreaking in so many ways. She's created a path for ANYONE to engineer 6-figure launches, regardless of their starting point. For those tired of the old ways of launching, she's breathed new life into the process, making 7-figure leaps in your business more within grasp than it’s ever been. Whether you are just starting out or have been running a multimillion dollar company for years this book is without a doubt, a MUST read.” 
— Jennifer Allwood, Business Coach & Author, Fear Is Not The Boss of You

The #1 International Bestseller:

UNSTOPPABLE takes the most valuable lessons and top commonalities from how to succeed and lays out the nine principles for unlimited both business and in life. Proven by author Kelly Roach's award-winning career in corporate settings and as an entrepreneur, Unstoppable is set to inspire everyone from the new entrepreneur to the seasoned CEO.

In this much anticipated book, Kelly Roach breaks down the top lessons she's learned throughout her award-winning career, blended together with lessons from some of the top industry leaders in the world today in a way that's easy to understand and motivating. From NFL cheerleader to million-dollar business mogul, internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, business coach, and rapid results expert Kelly knows firsthand what it takes to become unstoppable.

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Bigger Than YOU is the entrepreneur's playbook to building an UNSTOPPABLE team. This book breaks down each of the simple steps and proven strategies to take your team from 0 to hero and is relevant for business owners at any age or stage that want to improve the profitability and performance of their team. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that is burnt out, exhausted, stretched too thin trying to do it all....this is for you.

The #biggerthanyou movement was designed to help entrepreneurs understand how to create leverage and scale in their business by building a winning team. In the book, Kelly Roach teaches you a systematic way to create a championship team invested, capable and competent to help you achieve your big mission, vision and goals. If you lead people and want to produce more profit with and through them, then this is your solution.


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