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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that building and scaling your business online is essential. If you haven’t done it yet, because it seems daunting or overwhelming, don’t worry! I’ve got three simple steps that will help you make strides, and more importantly, begin seeing some serious cash flow by building your business, ONLINE.  […]

Business Growth Strategies

January 4, 2021

Simple Steps To Build Your Business Online

Revolt Against the Norms and Make Millions There are moments in time in all of our businesses where we feel like we’re producing vanilla content, where we’re not excited about what we’re doing. Days where we don’t wake up in the morning and joyfully jump up on our feet to run and lead and create […]

Business Growth Strategies

October 22, 2020

Revolt Against the Norms and Make Millions

Avoiding the Big Mistakes: Two Mirages on the Horizon for Entrepreneurs Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, there are always mistakes and traps you need to be aware of so you can avoid them. There are two in particular that I see on the horizon today. I call them mirages, because from […]

Business Growth Strategies

October 14, 2020

Avoiding the Big Mistakes: Two Mirages on the Horizon for Entrepreneurs

You’ve probably noticed that some major players in the business world have written a book… or in some cases, several books.  Well, there’s a good reason why entrepreneurs who want to scale their business worldwide are taking time to write a book.   In today’s online world most brand building is happening through social media channels, […]

Business Growth Strategies

August 26, 2020

How To Write a Book That Will Build Your Business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or dreaming of becoming one AND you’re 40 years or older… Listen up! It’s NEVER too late to start your business. So, if you’re watching kids do their crazy dances on Tik Tok and wondering if today’s online business world was made for you, how to survive in today’s market, […]

Business Growth Strategies

August 19, 2020

It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Business

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, or you’ve just started one – there’s no denying that today’s online market has changed.  With a global pandemic, and a lot of uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to make sure your strategy is air tight so you can build on a firm foundation and […]

Business Growth Strategies

August 5, 2020

Starting A Business From Scratch

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I am fanatical about TEAM. I believe that building a dream team is THE most important element of experiencing true entrepreneurial freedom. All the sales and clients and growth in the world doesn’t mean freedom for you as an entrepreneur if you don’t […]

Business Growth Strategies

June 22, 2020

6 Elements Needed to Build a Dream Team

Each one of us has this unbelievable tool, this crystal ball, in our possession that literally predicts the future.  It’s called a calendar. You have the ability to see into the future, to predict the future, by dictating with extreme authority what goes on your calendar. In my Fortune 500 days, I learned early on […]

Business Growth Strategies

June 15, 2020

Strategic Planning and Time Mapping for Outcomes

Mindset. Training like an athlete. Giving Back.  Today on the podcast, I’m interviewing Natasha Hastings, Olympic Gold Medalist, about the mindset of a champion and how to leverage your platform and success to give back. Natasha shares about how your own mindset can limit you, and why it’s important to be working for something bigger […]

Business Growth Strategies, Podcast

June 8, 2020

Gold Medal Mindset with Natasha Hastings

“How do I stand out in such a saturated market?” This is a question I get asked over and over again. The short answer is….stop doing what everyone else is doing. The long answer? You need to understand and progress through three levels of content in order to separate yourself from the pack.  Level 1: […]

Business Growth Strategies

June 5, 2020

Your Convictions Matter