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to Scale a 7 Figure Brand Online

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Legacy Builders is designed exclusively for UE clients ready to build a trailblazing, 7-figure global brand that makes a massive impact.

This next level program is where you will learn how to build the million dollar systems that will skyrocket your income and solidify your positioning as the one and only, first in class, leader of your industry.

Members of Legacy Builders already have the fundamental building blocks of marketing and sales locked in so they can begin implementing next level systems to experience multiple 6 & even 7-figure breakthroughs. 

If you’re ready to not only embrace your role as CEO, but step into the 1%, build your thought leadership, and disrupt your industry, then Legacy Builders will give you the systems, strategies and mindset shifts you need to make it happen. 

During LEGACY BUILDERS, we will help you to:

1. Construct a profit driven people plan to build a dream team of ROCKSTARS

2. Create an intentional profit and growth plan including effective billing systems, a reactivation and retention strategy, and money mapping for exponential income growth. 

3. Develop an exceptional client onboarding and off-boarding process to maximize client satisfaction that drives growth, improves retention, and increases referrals.

4. Build a scalable referral generation system that consistently brings in warm leads. 

5. Develop an ascension model to create massive lifetime value and lower the demand to sell in volume.

6. Understand higher levels of budgeting, forecasting and creating certainty around business and income growth 

7. Create an easy to scale sales system 

...all with the world class support and service that only Kelly Roach Coaching International can deliver.

This program is exclusively for members of The UNSTOPPABLE Entrepreneur who have been in UE for at least 12 months, or who are ready to exponentially up-level their business’ growth.

The program will include:

 A dedicated membership portal inside the app with trainings dripped out on a monthly basis, solely dedicated to Level 2 clients. 
– 1 Masterclass per month with Kelly or a celebrity guest expert on a topic specific to the Legacy Builders curriculum.

– LIVE Q&A sessions with The UE team leads in the areas of sales, marketing, PR, messaging, and programming. 

If you are ready to turn your business into a 7-figure empire we are here, ready to help you implement the systems necessary to do that.

Your investment

The Cost of the Legacy Builders Program is $4000/month. This will also include access to The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program. 

Making the leap to 7-figures requires an entirely different mindset, well executed systems, and an intentional growth strategy. We are here to help you make that leap inside of Legacy Builders

You already know what to expect from Team Unstoppable, so now it’s time for you to commit to your big goals, and become the person you need to become in order to accomplish those goals. 

If you are committed to becoming part of the 1% then it’s time to learn and implement what the 99% won’t. 

That’s what we do best.

We can’t wait to help you skyrocket your business to 7-figures. 

We’ve got the systems. 

You’ve got the work ethic.

Now is your time. 

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