Ready to get more out of your everyday life? Today I will discuss how we can use empowered decision-making to focus on the things that we choose to do or get to do instead of focusing on what we have to do or need to do. You can use this process of empowered decision making to […]

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May 28, 2015

Life is Better When You Are Empowered

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or executive pursuing the next level of success, there is one thing guaranteed to stifle growth and make for a miserable journey, and that’s a negative mindset. It’s the little voice inside your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You’re not good enough? Everyone […]

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March 5, 2015

Your Mindset & The Ways to Improve It

Where you choose to focus your thoughts and energy will literally make you or break you. Almost everyone I know is fighting a battle personally or professionally. For thoughtssome, it is a private matter; no one knows they are suffering. For others, their personal or professional struggles become common knowledge to everyone around them whether […]

Mindset & Motivation, Personal Growth

December 17, 2014

Your Thoughts Will Make You Or Break You

Taking a risk sounds scary. But many people live their whole lives feeling empty, unfulfilled and generally dissatisfied wriskith how life turned out. There are a lot of critical life lessons we never learned in school including: If you just take what life hands you, you will probably end up pretty darn unhappy. On the […]

Business Growth Strategies

August 8, 2013

Risk = Gain (So Don’t be Afraid!)

Have you considered the importance of your energy in your business and growth? Today’s blog is about how this no cost element can magically transform any situation into a winning one. Whether mental or physical, energy, determines your ability to make a positive impact and convey your objectives effectively. Sit with that for a moment. […]

Business Growth Strategies, Following Your Dreams, Mindset & Motivation, Wealth & Happiness

June 20, 2013

Energy is the Key to Success